Welcome – Overview of Cryptic Response – MUST READ FIRST!

Welcome to the Cryptic Response Blog! The purpose of this first blog post is to see if we're a match. Our logo is in the shape of a question mark for a reason.  Let's answer the most important question first. If you have found your way to our Web site with the help of Google, Bing or another search engine, you may already have a sense of what we do from a brief skim of

Another Must Read – On Consulting Methodology

If you made it past the "Must Read First" post, you may be leaning, perhaps reluctantly, towards thinking that your organization's internal capacity could benefit from some external resources.  The next step is to address how you can expect us to engage with you. Calling a consulting company like Cryptic Response should be different than most commercial transactions because you've already implicitly separated out the "known" from the "unknown". There is a difference between "I want my car's oil changed"